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gypsy mare on her way to her new home in nova scotia from Alberta.

Premium Box Stalls

Transporting weanlings, mare and foal or just want room for your horse to move? We offer multiple box stall sizes to suit your needs. The sizes in our Pegasus trailer are 8x7, 4x7 and 5x7

In our Kentucky 15 horse:

8-1/2 x7,  8-1/2 x 8 and 8-1/2 x 14


Standing Stalls

Great for horses that are educated on leading, backing up and tie. Cost effective and comfortable. We have two sizes to accommodate large (Stall and a half/ Warmblood, Draft) and regular (Light horse). Our Pegasus trailer also has extra high 8 foot high ceilings for tall horses.  

Same stall options on the Kentucky trailer with 10 foot ceiling 

horses having a rest at our Thunder Bay Ontario Layover

Nightly Layovers

MOST nights horses are treated to off trailer layovers inside at barns along our routing giving them time to move around and unwind after the days journey.

Hay and water are supplied at all times during transport.

(when tempuratures are below minus 10 buckets will freeze. in these situations horses are given water at intervals during winter months and free choice at night.)

horse on his way from British Colombia to Ontario

Private Stud Stall

Our Pegasus trailer is equipped with a private stud stall, with a straight through load for fast easy loading and unloading. and comfortable no tie travel.

horse transport safe for miniature horses

4x4 box stalls

great for miniatures! safe from the bigger animals and comfortable too!

making transport of the smaller ones better on the budget !


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